Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Activates Evaluation (Typing Turtle)

Ranking 3.5/5
The Typing Turtle activity is a game which involves typing. You type the words that would appear in the bubble, you can do it with looking on the keyboard or without looking. This activity helps you to type better and faster, also you can learn to touch type. For every letter that you type it would disappear, if you don’t type the letter it will remain until you type it, but if you are to slow the word will fly away and you would miss it. The bubbles will appear faster each time as you type.
Some positive sides on this game is the lay out and design. It is very tidy and the back ground is white so only the bubbles stand out for the users to see the words. The words in the bubble is quite easy to identify because the letter is bold and in a readable font. Another good thought on this game is that the bubbles will gradually fly up faster so it would make it more challenging for the player.

Some negative thoughts on this game are that the words in the bubbles sometimes appear repeatedly . Some of the words are to short and some words are just made up words. Also the speed of the bubble rising up is quite fast, the speed should increase only if the player is getting the hang of the current speed then increase it slowly.

There are not many interesting points in this game. It is just a plain typing game that allows users to type better, but overall this game it very useful for people who want to type better. This game could be played by people of any age , you could learn to type if your young or you might want to become a better type for older people. The graphic of this game is also quite good just for a typing game.

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  1. Quite a thorough evaluation. I'm not sure what is wrong with having made up words, though.