Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Etoys or Scratch

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Captianawesome and I had to work on a project together. Our task was to make a project on two different programs. One was using Scratch on windows xp and the other was using Etoys on sugar. The project we had to do was animating a person and making it dance. The two programs we had to use were very different from each other. The codes and scripts were different but they could be programmed to do the same things.
Bong Bong 123
I worked on Etoys with my project. Making a person animate on Etoys was not a problem for me because I had experience working with the same scripts before. I had to duplicate five of my person and then change how they would move. I changed the mouth, arms and legs movement on my person to make it dance in different directions. I made five different slides of my person. On Etoys I had to make a box so I could put my entire different slides in it. Then I had to find codes so it would run my box and play my person dancing. It’s like an old photo projector where each slides play each scene.
I worked on scratch using windows xp and I found it quite easy. I first had to draw my person figure and then duplicate them but with different movement actions. The codes I used for my person were quite basic, all I used to make my person dance was three different script codes.

When both of us finished our little project we discussed to see which program was better to use. We agreed that both of the programs are alright and similar, but each program has its own unique way. On Etoys it takes very quickly to make a person dance because you didn’t need to have a lot of codes. The only thing that’s bad on Etoys is that its hard to make you person move side wards, you can but you would have to draw another copy of your person and it is hard to copy the exact features. On Scratch you can move your person in any direction like side wards and upwards. At the end we decided that scratch was a little better than Etoys.

This is a screen shot in Etoys.

These are screen shots in Scratch.

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  1. Good report

    It would be better if you provided more screen shots so we could see the Scratch dance moves