Friday, July 31, 2009

Jigsaw Puzzle

Today I played with the puzzle activity. I found this activity quite fun and easy to use. You can set your puzzle pieces to any amount, you could set it to 4 to 16 pieces. You can also make your puzzle into different shapes like into square pieces.

This activity is one of the easiest activity among the other activities. Kids could play this and help their brains develop the skills of solving things.

Sugar Physics

I have played around with the physic activity. I found the activity really fun and it is very easy to use. This activity allows the user to make shapes, drag them and move them around. Shapes include circls, squares, octogon and you may also draw your pwn shapes.

This activity is a great idea for little kids to have a play with it becuase it is very simple to use. Kids may aslo develope the basic of physic by playing iwht this activity.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Talk about visit to Timor

Today in Control Tec we were visited by Rosemary and David as guess speakers. They came here too tell us about their experience and visit to Timor. Timor is a country that is attached to Indonesia. When Rosemary and David visited Timor they stayed with a family that was missionaries from Brazil.
Rosemary told us many information and news that we didn’t know before. Timor became an Indonesia Colony in 1175. The main local language spoken in Timor is Tatum and some people speak Portuguese. People that are not Timorese they are recognized as Mallia meaning foreign and white people.
In Timor there is much trouble such as lack of houses, education and other resources, so that’s why the US and Australians are importing goods to the country of Timor. In 2006 there were people who went against each other due to the civil rights.

In Timor many kids don’t get enough education, they just stay home. Now they are being supported by people and the government by providing resources and teachers to educate them.

People that live in Timor mostly have their own scooter to travel with. To refill your petrol it costs about $2.50. In Timor things are very expensive because their country does not have its own currency, they use US currency. There are no leisure places in Timor such as MacDonald’s and Bowling places. Children that go to school they do not have any books or stationeries.

Huts that people are living in Timor have no flooring, electricity, cooling or heating at all. Some houses and buildings have electricity but only at random times. Electricity turns on at 6pm and it lasts for about 3 hours, and sometimes there would be random blackouts. There is a shop called Leader that is for foreign people to buy things, but the items are too expensive for the Timorese. The country of Timor is still a developing country and still has a long way.

People are now trying to help Timorese, now there is a project called the IT NGO forum. This a program provided for the Timorese to develop their skills such as in using the phone, net and etc. David was involved in this program and he helped the people. University in Timor does not go really far, the standard year they would finish would be at least year 10.

The Xo is developed for countries that are in need like this. The Xo would be a big benefit to the children and students. Students’ could use the Xo to write in and read from and teachers could write lessons in the Xo then the students could access them.
Now they are going to teach teachers to use the Xo so they could teach students.
Xo can also be solar charge.

Now people in Timor are learning to become Christians, Sunday churches are opened in sheds for people to attend. During the civil rights many people died so the Red Cross helped set up huts for the people. Cars are being striped to make items such as tires to make rubber handles for weapons and tools.

There is a project called the Green PC and it’s a Melbourne based company. This is to provide locals to train them to fix computers. David was able to bring 6 Timorese back to Melbourne to train them how to fix computers and how to run a business.

There is a program that nuns provide for women in the basic of cooking, hospitality and others. This program lasts for 6 months and then new people come for this program.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sugar operating system

My fist impression of sugar operation system was great, but it looked completely different from other operating systems. There were many different activities and applications that I enjoyed playing. I also found sugar operating system quite easy to use. The display and features are fantastic and very clear. I think this operating system is great for young students because it is very easy to use.
I think the project to send the Xo's to countries in need is a great idea. Students could access the Xo's and use them to write, read and to learn from. Countries that are in need, students can just use the Xo's and would not need any items such books and pens.