Thursday, November 26, 2009

End of year

It is nearly the end of 2010 so I am writing my last blog.

I would like to thank Mr. Kerr for his wonderful lessons and all the new things he taught us. I had a fantastic time in control tech.

thank you for reading my blog and keep cool people ;D

BAbbybOomBoom yoh >=p

The Future

In 30 years time I believe things will be more compact and screens will more mostly touch sensitives.

This is a design I made that I think what a computer may look like in the future.

This is a full touch screen computer and its about the size of a A4 piece or paper.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Complete a variety of labelled screenshots which illustrate the differences between these user interfaces

Windows (WIMP – windows, icons, menus, pointers – as in MSOffice 2003)

Windows (ribbons, contextual tabs, galleries – as in MSOffice 2007)

Sugar (Frame replaces menubar, Journal
replaces file system hierarchy, Community –
didn’t work for us,)

Linux command line (similar to DOS)

Which user interface do you prefer. Rate them in order. Give reasons.

Firstly I would use Windows beacuse Its what Iv'e been using in my whole life, and i am also used to most of the features.

Secondly i would use Sugar beacuse I've been using it in class and i know some of the features.

Thirdly I would use Linux command beacuse I heard its quite good bu i havent used it before so im not confident using it.

Fourthy I would use WIMP. WIMP I have not heard much from and to me I think it might be complicated for me to use

Tuesday, November 24, 2009



Rate each of the following out of 5:
Guest speaker: Rosemary about Timor Leste 3/5
Guest speak: Joel about the xo 3.5/5
Physics 4.5/5
SVG icon and Linux command line 3/5
Turtle Art 2.5/5
Other activity evaluation 3/5
Etoys 2/5
Scratch 3.5/5

2) Three things I learnt in control tech are working with new programs. I learnt to use sugar how to hack the program, I learnt making shapes with Turtle Art and I leant to make animation using Etoys.

Three things I enjoyed was working with physics, having guest speakers coming to our class and I also enjoyed working with Turtle Ar.
Three things I didn’t like was working with Etoys because this is one of the activities I struggled in, I didn’t like hacking the Sugar interface because it was complex for me. I also didn’t like blogging all the activity we did.

3)Best- working with physics, I found working with physics was the best because this activity was easy to use and it was very fun.
worst, - the worst was working with Etoys because I found it very difficult and confusing to use .
most interesting, The most interesting was Turtle Art because I found it interesting making different shapes.
most difficult – the most difficult was hacking the sugar interface because I got confused with the code.

Is the xo or olpc a good idea for the children of the developing world? State your opinion and give reasons.

I think the olpc is a great idea because it is good to give kids the taste of simply technology. The xo is a small laptop that is easy to use and it could allow young kids to develop their minds and have fun at the same time.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Etoys or Scratch

Partners: &
Captianawesome and I had to work on a project together. Our task was to make a project on two different programs. One was using Scratch on windows xp and the other was using Etoys on sugar. The project we had to do was animating a person and making it dance. The two programs we had to use were very different from each other. The codes and scripts were different but they could be programmed to do the same things.
Bong Bong 123
I worked on Etoys with my project. Making a person animate on Etoys was not a problem for me because I had experience working with the same scripts before. I had to duplicate five of my person and then change how they would move. I changed the mouth, arms and legs movement on my person to make it dance in different directions. I made five different slides of my person. On Etoys I had to make a box so I could put my entire different slides in it. Then I had to find codes so it would run my box and play my person dancing. It’s like an old photo projector where each slides play each scene.
I worked on scratch using windows xp and I found it quite easy. I first had to draw my person figure and then duplicate them but with different movement actions. The codes I used for my person were quite basic, all I used to make my person dance was three different script codes.

When both of us finished our little project we discussed to see which program was better to use. We agreed that both of the programs are alright and similar, but each program has its own unique way. On Etoys it takes very quickly to make a person dance because you didn’t need to have a lot of codes. The only thing that’s bad on Etoys is that its hard to make you person move side wards, you can but you would have to draw another copy of your person and it is hard to copy the exact features. On Scratch you can move your person in any direction like side wards and upwards. At the end we decided that scratch was a little better than Etoys.

This is a screen shot in Etoys.

These are screen shots in Scratch.

Friday, November 13, 2009


I have added one more screen shot to my great race.. please mark.
thank you

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Great Race

During these few days in control Tec we have been using the Etoy activity in sugar. Etoy is an activity that allows you to make objects and by putting codes in scripts you can control how they move. There are many different script codes that you can use so you can desire what kind of paths your object moves. You can also make timers and buttons for your objects and many more I assume that I haven’t explored.

I believe this activity is the most complex activity then all the others in sugar. In some parts it is quite easy but in some parts you could get very confused because you are not sure how the codes work. At first I found it very hard to use Etoys but gradually I got more of an understanding of it, but at the end there are some parts I still get confused over. In this activity I had to get a lot of help from my friends and some from the teacher, but I found it easier for them to show me first then trying myself after.

One of the tasks we did in Etoys is the great race. We had to make four cars and race them around the track. We had to make a timer for the cars so we would know the time for a car to finish a race. We had to make a reset button, start button and stop button. The buttons were made so we could start, stop and restart all the cars at the same time. We had to set the cars at a random speed so each car would have a chance of winning. We had to but a watcher so we could see how the cars are travelling at random speeds. We also had to made sure the cars will turn when it touches the colour of the track , we did this by using specific codes in the scripts.

The great race was a big challenge for me, I got confused with the scripts and I didn’t know what codes I was suppose to use for what. I also found it hard to get the cars to turn because you had to get the right angle to make it turn correctly. At the end of the project I thought it was worth doing because it looks great.

This is a screenshot of my great race. The top corner is a clock and watch for my cars.

These are the scripts for the stop,go and reset buttons

These are the codes i used in my scripts and the codes for my clock.

New Activates Evaluation (Typing Turtle)

Ranking 3.5/5
The Typing Turtle activity is a game which involves typing. You type the words that would appear in the bubble, you can do it with looking on the keyboard or without looking. This activity helps you to type better and faster, also you can learn to touch type. For every letter that you type it would disappear, if you don’t type the letter it will remain until you type it, but if you are to slow the word will fly away and you would miss it. The bubbles will appear faster each time as you type.
Some positive sides on this game is the lay out and design. It is very tidy and the back ground is white so only the bubbles stand out for the users to see the words. The words in the bubble is quite easy to identify because the letter is bold and in a readable font. Another good thought on this game is that the bubbles will gradually fly up faster so it would make it more challenging for the player.

Some negative thoughts on this game are that the words in the bubbles sometimes appear repeatedly . Some of the words are to short and some words are just made up words. Also the speed of the bubble rising up is quite fast, the speed should increase only if the player is getting the hang of the current speed then increase it slowly.

There are not many interesting points in this game. It is just a plain typing game that allows users to type better, but overall this game it very useful for people who want to type better. This game could be played by people of any age , you could learn to type if your young or you might want to become a better type for older people. The graphic of this game is also quite good just for a typing game.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Turtl Art

During these week in control Tec our class has been using the Turtle Art activity which is run on sugar operating system . Turtle art is a program that allows you to work and make shapes with directions. You make lines using the instruction codes and the turtle follows the directions to make a shape u desire.

When i first used Turtle Art i found it difficult but once I played around for awhile i noticed its not very difficult to use. It is easy to make simple shapes such as squares and triangles but it is more complex to make hard shapes like octagons and shapes that overlap each other. I got quite a lot of help from my friends in the beginning but after i was able to do it myself. Turtle Art is a quite a fun activity to use, you just need time to learn the codes.

Most part i found difficult was using the variables, but the teacher explained it to me quite well after, and i got more of a understanding of it. The Variables are to make it more easy for you to design a complex shape. You can enter values and signs like +, x or / and it would be more easier to find the values of the shape you are making.

This is one of the shapes i made, there is 8 triangles altogether that over laps each other

These are the codes I used to make this shape

Sunday, September 6, 2009

sugar icon

In the past few lessons in control technology we have been learning how to use HTML kit to design svg pictures. We have been making circles and simply shapes for the start and gradually move on to more advance shapes such as lines and eclipses. The reason we were using HTML kit was to replace the icon on the sugar operating system with our own design.

When we successfully designed our icon on HTML kit we tried to put it on sugar by using the Terminal program. The teachers gave us sheets to follow the instructions, but some people had problem replacing the icon. Some people had either corrupted the Usb stick or did not follow the instructions on the sheet to well.

I found it a little hard to follow the sheet, but i got a more of a understand of if after my friends helped me on .

My icon was a little bobly man holding a gun.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

Joel Stanley Guest Speaker

On Wednesday on the 5th of August we were visited by another guest named Joel Stanley. Joel is currently studying computer engineering at the University of Adelaide. When Joel came to our class room we decided instead of him telling us about him self, we would ask him what we would like to know about him.
These are the questions we asked him and the answers he gave us:

Q- What do you do ?

A- I am studying computer engineering at the University of Adelaide.

Q- Why did you chose to study computer engineering?
A-I chose to study this because, I went to a year 10 camp and I had a tour
of the University, and engineering I really had a interest in.

Q-How long did you work on the XO project?
A I worked on it for 10 weeks.

Q-How did you learn to touch type?
A- I learned it while using msn.

Q-What is your project?

A- Making and Developing XO's, placed XO's in an pie oven on 65 degrease and the XO's still worked fine.

Q-How long did you worked on the XO project?
A- I worked
on it for

10 weeks.

Q- What does MIT stand f
A MIT stands for Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this is where computers and laptops come from, MIT also designed Guitar Hero.

Q- Are you a Microsoft fan or Linux fan ? A- I'm a Linus fan, I don't like Microsoft because it annoys me. Also Linus is a free open source software.

Q-Why are there arrows.
A the arrows are pointin
g in Romania, They were going to to get the XO's to there.

Q-What happened to the OX screen?
A-The OX was in a trial to test it while dropping it. The XO is quite strong, it you drop it by accident the XO would be still fuction well.

Q-what did you doo in
your project?
A-I test the parts of the XO's
to see how much power they use. The sceen uses the most powers and the Cpu is the second part that use the most power. XO is drop proof 1 out of a 100 will break.

Q-What does the coloured arrow stand for?
A- Green=OX's are being ,
trialed in that country. Blue and purple=Countries are using the XO's.

Q-What are the 2 flip thingy on the XO
A-They are anntenas.

Q-How long did you stay in America?
A- Istayed there for 3 months.

Q-why are there 3 pads on the OX?
A-There was 3 pads because one wa
s for your finger and the other two was for other object, but this didnt work out, soo the OX only use finger on the pads.

Joel also told us other infomations like:
-Mary Lou was the person who invented the OX sceen.

- Richard Smith worked on the small parts of the XO.
-you can use the XO to communicate with other XO machines, such as sending messages and sending photos.
-A project in America called 2 XO's, if you buy 2 XO's , one you can keep and the other goes to someone eles around the world.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Jigsaw Puzzle

Today I played with the puzzle activity. I found this activity quite fun and easy to use. You can set your puzzle pieces to any amount, you could set it to 4 to 16 pieces. You can also make your puzzle into different shapes like into square pieces.

This activity is one of the easiest activity among the other activities. Kids could play this and help their brains develop the skills of solving things.

Sugar Physics

I have played around with the physic activity. I found the activity really fun and it is very easy to use. This activity allows the user to make shapes, drag them and move them around. Shapes include circls, squares, octogon and you may also draw your pwn shapes.

This activity is a great idea for little kids to have a play with it becuase it is very simple to use. Kids may aslo develope the basic of physic by playing iwht this activity.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Talk about visit to Timor

Today in Control Tec we were visited by Rosemary and David as guess speakers. They came here too tell us about their experience and visit to Timor. Timor is a country that is attached to Indonesia. When Rosemary and David visited Timor they stayed with a family that was missionaries from Brazil.
Rosemary told us many information and news that we didn’t know before. Timor became an Indonesia Colony in 1175. The main local language spoken in Timor is Tatum and some people speak Portuguese. People that are not Timorese they are recognized as Mallia meaning foreign and white people.
In Timor there is much trouble such as lack of houses, education and other resources, so that’s why the US and Australians are importing goods to the country of Timor. In 2006 there were people who went against each other due to the civil rights.

In Timor many kids don’t get enough education, they just stay home. Now they are being supported by people and the government by providing resources and teachers to educate them.

People that live in Timor mostly have their own scooter to travel with. To refill your petrol it costs about $2.50. In Timor things are very expensive because their country does not have its own currency, they use US currency. There are no leisure places in Timor such as MacDonald’s and Bowling places. Children that go to school they do not have any books or stationeries.

Huts that people are living in Timor have no flooring, electricity, cooling or heating at all. Some houses and buildings have electricity but only at random times. Electricity turns on at 6pm and it lasts for about 3 hours, and sometimes there would be random blackouts. There is a shop called Leader that is for foreign people to buy things, but the items are too expensive for the Timorese. The country of Timor is still a developing country and still has a long way.

People are now trying to help Timorese, now there is a project called the IT NGO forum. This a program provided for the Timorese to develop their skills such as in using the phone, net and etc. David was involved in this program and he helped the people. University in Timor does not go really far, the standard year they would finish would be at least year 10.

The Xo is developed for countries that are in need like this. The Xo would be a big benefit to the children and students. Students’ could use the Xo to write in and read from and teachers could write lessons in the Xo then the students could access them.
Now they are going to teach teachers to use the Xo so they could teach students.
Xo can also be solar charge.

Now people in Timor are learning to become Christians, Sunday churches are opened in sheds for people to attend. During the civil rights many people died so the Red Cross helped set up huts for the people. Cars are being striped to make items such as tires to make rubber handles for weapons and tools.

There is a project called the Green PC and it’s a Melbourne based company. This is to provide locals to train them to fix computers. David was able to bring 6 Timorese back to Melbourne to train them how to fix computers and how to run a business.

There is a program that nuns provide for women in the basic of cooking, hospitality and others. This program lasts for 6 months and then new people come for this program.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sugar operating system

My fist impression of sugar operation system was great, but it looked completely different from other operating systems. There were many different activities and applications that I enjoyed playing. I also found sugar operating system quite easy to use. The display and features are fantastic and very clear. I think this operating system is great for young students because it is very easy to use.
I think the project to send the Xo's to countries in need is a great idea. Students could access the Xo's and use them to write, read and to learn from. Countries that are in need, students can just use the Xo's and would not need any items such books and pens.