Thursday, November 5, 2009

Great Race

During these few days in control Tec we have been using the Etoy activity in sugar. Etoy is an activity that allows you to make objects and by putting codes in scripts you can control how they move. There are many different script codes that you can use so you can desire what kind of paths your object moves. You can also make timers and buttons for your objects and many more I assume that I haven’t explored.

I believe this activity is the most complex activity then all the others in sugar. In some parts it is quite easy but in some parts you could get very confused because you are not sure how the codes work. At first I found it very hard to use Etoys but gradually I got more of an understanding of it, but at the end there are some parts I still get confused over. In this activity I had to get a lot of help from my friends and some from the teacher, but I found it easier for them to show me first then trying myself after.

One of the tasks we did in Etoys is the great race. We had to make four cars and race them around the track. We had to make a timer for the cars so we would know the time for a car to finish a race. We had to make a reset button, start button and stop button. The buttons were made so we could start, stop and restart all the cars at the same time. We had to set the cars at a random speed so each car would have a chance of winning. We had to but a watcher so we could see how the cars are travelling at random speeds. We also had to made sure the cars will turn when it touches the colour of the track , we did this by using specific codes in the scripts.

The great race was a big challenge for me, I got confused with the scripts and I didn’t know what codes I was suppose to use for what. I also found it hard to get the cars to turn because you had to get the right angle to make it turn correctly. At the end of the project I thought it was worth doing because it looks great.

This is a screenshot of my great race. The top corner is a clock and watch for my cars.

These are the scripts for the stop,go and reset buttons

These are the codes i used in my scripts and the codes for my clock.


  1. p.s I will post a screenshot one with more scripts on it xD

  2. tell me when and I'll mark it then

  3. I have added one more screen shot

  4. this is good but some of the scripts seem incomplete, eg. the stop and start scripts only mention the red and blue cars so 2 cars are missing