Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Turtl Art

During these week in control Tec our class has been using the Turtle Art activity which is run on sugar operating system . Turtle art is a program that allows you to work and make shapes with directions. You make lines using the instruction codes and the turtle follows the directions to make a shape u desire.

When i first used Turtle Art i found it difficult but once I played around for awhile i noticed its not very difficult to use. It is easy to make simple shapes such as squares and triangles but it is more complex to make hard shapes like octagons and shapes that overlap each other. I got quite a lot of help from my friends in the beginning but after i was able to do it myself. Turtle Art is a quite a fun activity to use, you just need time to learn the codes.

Most part i found difficult was using the variables, but the teacher explained it to me quite well after, and i got more of a understanding of it. The Variables are to make it more easy for you to design a complex shape. You can enter values and signs like +, x or / and it would be more easier to find the values of the shape you are making.

This is one of the shapes i made, there is 8 triangles altogether that over laps each other

These are the codes I used to make this shape

Sunday, September 6, 2009

sugar icon

In the past few lessons in control technology we have been learning how to use HTML kit to design svg pictures. We have been making circles and simply shapes for the start and gradually move on to more advance shapes such as lines and eclipses. The reason we were using HTML kit was to replace the icon on the sugar operating system with our own design.

When we successfully designed our icon on HTML kit we tried to put it on sugar by using the Terminal program. The teachers gave us sheets to follow the instructions, but some people had problem replacing the icon. Some people had either corrupted the Usb stick or did not follow the instructions on the sheet to well.

I found it a little hard to follow the sheet, but i got a more of a understand of if after my friends helped me on .

My icon was a little bobly man holding a gun.