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Friday, August 7, 2009

Joel Stanley Guest Speaker

On Wednesday on the 5th of August we were visited by another guest named Joel Stanley. Joel is currently studying computer engineering at the University of Adelaide. When Joel came to our class room we decided instead of him telling us about him self, we would ask him what we would like to know about him.
These are the questions we asked him and the answers he gave us:

Q- What do you do ?

A- I am studying computer engineering at the University of Adelaide.

Q- Why did you chose to study computer engineering?
A-I chose to study this because, I went to a year 10 camp and I had a tour
of the University, and engineering I really had a interest in.

Q-How long did you work on the XO project?
A I worked on it for 10 weeks.

Q-How did you learn to touch type?
A- I learned it while using msn.

Q-What is your project?

A- Making and Developing XO's, placed XO's in an pie oven on 65 degrease and the XO's still worked fine.

Q-How long did you worked on the XO project?
A- I worked
on it for

10 weeks.

Q- What does MIT stand f
A MIT stands for Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this is where computers and laptops come from, MIT also designed Guitar Hero.

Q- Are you a Microsoft fan or Linux fan ? A- I'm a Linus fan, I don't like Microsoft because it annoys me. Also Linus is a free open source software.

Q-Why are there arrows.
A the arrows are pointin
g in Romania, They were going to to get the XO's to there.

Q-What happened to the OX screen?
A-The OX was in a trial to test it while dropping it. The XO is quite strong, it you drop it by accident the XO would be still fuction well.

Q-what did you doo in
your project?
A-I test the parts of the XO's
to see how much power they use. The sceen uses the most powers and the Cpu is the second part that use the most power. XO is drop proof 1 out of a 100 will break.

Q-What does the coloured arrow stand for?
A- Green=OX's are being ,
trialed in that country. Blue and purple=Countries are using the XO's.

Q-What are the 2 flip thingy on the XO
A-They are anntenas.

Q-How long did you stay in America?
A- Istayed there for 3 months.

Q-why are there 3 pads on the OX?
A-There was 3 pads because one wa
s for your finger and the other two was for other object, but this didnt work out, soo the OX only use finger on the pads.

Joel also told us other infomations like:
-Mary Lou was the person who invented the OX sceen.

- Richard Smith worked on the small parts of the XO.
-you can use the XO to communicate with other XO machines, such as sending messages and sending photos.
-A project in America called 2 XO's, if you buy 2 XO's , one you can keep and the other goes to someone eles around the world.